D.M.A. Jeronimo Rajchenberg

Hi, my name is Jerónimo Rajchenberg a.k.a. JXEL, I am a musician, a teacher and a scholar. Weirdly, I work in organic agriculture. However, I am also a martial artist, a cat lover, a yoga practitioner, a vegetarian, bicyclist, personal trainer, polyglot and a circus enthusiast.

I think every culture is as rich as any other and there is a great deal of knowledge we can get from people who are different, who play different music, speak different languages, do things differently. There is no need to fear each other, what we need is to do if we want to thrive and survive as a species, is to learn from each other.

The contents of this website reflect that, it contains a lot of music, some martial arts, a lot of pedagogy, along with cooking recipes, fitness and cats. Welcome!

Let’s be in touch!

On this blog I will write ideas, articles and thoughts about different things, if any of them is of interest to you, suscribe, follow along, respond and post, let’s start a conversation.

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