J X E L and the Elephants is a beautiful band that expanded with the pandemic. The elephants live all around the globe, from Patagonia to New Delhi and from Los Angeles to Athens. This powerful piece belongs to the indigenous Ecuadorian tradition called Sanjuanitos (the little Saint Josephs) and is played during the celebration of Inti Raymi.

Also with J X E L and the Elephants we decided to record the indigenous Mexican song Xochipitzahuatl, which represents femininity and fertility. We decided to play this tune as an homage to all the brave women that came out to the streets to protest the ages long discrimination they have been subjected to. It is very important for me to have performed this piece from my country with outstanding international musicians from literally everywhere: Los Angeles, Guayaquil, Athens, Mexico City, Quito, Oakland, Beijing and Tokyo.

This piece is called Walk Dance, it is a composition of Miroslav Tadic based on a traditional Serbian tune. In this version with the Land Trio, we added tabla.

Estudio para Charango is a colorful piece by Mauro Núñez that showcases many of the beautiful sounds that the charango can produce. The video below is a concert I played in the Julián Carrillo Concert Hall, Radio UNAM, in Mexico City, in 2016.

Abuelo is a beautiful piece that my friend Saba Alizadeh composed when my grandfather passed away. The video was taken in a house concert in Tarzana, California. With Saba Alizadeh – kamanche, Javad Butah – tabla.